BDP Aims

The Bristol Dinosaur Project (BDP) is a science outreach group based in the University of Bristol. Made up of dedicated volunteers, past and present students in Earth and Life Sciences, our goal is to make the science done here in Bristol and beyond more accessible to the public as a whole, to take the subjects we are so passionate about and tell the world why we find it so amazing. More than anything else, the BDP is about sharing that passion for science. We are part of a long and ongoing tradition of links between palaeontology and the media, as the science and the people interact, a theme sometimes called palaeomedia.

This blog is an opportunity for our volunteers to do just that. A collaborative effort, having such a wide and diverse range of authors ensures a huge variety of topics. Posts may be about the classical, famous dinosaurs, or obscure hidden treasures you may never have heard of but are no less fascinating.

Palaeontology itself is a joint effort of the fields of geology and biology, and as such this blog covers a range of topics across these wider fields of science. All come together to help build a more complete picture of our world; past, present, and future.

Off the internet and in the real world, the BDP runs workshops for schools, opening up science through dinosaurs. We also help out at special day events and scientific festivals throughout the year. More information can be found on our Contact Page.