(for 7–9 year-olds)


  • Dinosaurs PowerPoint
    The presentation is divided into the following sections for delivery over several sessions: notes for teachers and presenters are provided within the PowerPoint.
    1. Questions about dinosaurs
    2. Question: How big were dinosaurs?
    3. Geologic time scale
    4. Animals of the Mesozoic Era:  Land, air and sea
    5. Brain Challenge:  Dinosaur Defences
    6. Activity:  How fast could dinosaurs run?
    7. Question:  Why did the dinosaurs die?
    8. Brain Challenge:  Questions about dinosaurs
  • Activity sheets
    1. Dinosaur activity sheet – (Word or pdf)
    2. Dinosaur brain challenge (Word or pdf)

[Image right] Polacanthus, an ornithischian dinosaur whose name means “many spined”